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Foresight Insurance provides cargo liability insurance plans which have the power to calm even the edgiest of people. We constantly aim to protect your interests, as well as your prominence as a trucking company.

1.We have policies which cover driver error

2.We offer a decrease in deductibles

3.Our policies help diminish your losses due to cargo delay

4.We offer quick coverage for increase cargo limits

What Exactly Is Cargo Insurance And How Can I Benefit From It?

All motor carriers are usually required by their customers (shippers or brokers) to carry an insurance that covers damages or spoilages to the cargo they transport.

Some facts about commercial cargo insurance include:

  • Amount of coverage depends on the type and financial worth of the load which you are transporting
  • The insurance needs to be specifically designed for your operation needs, as the cost varies significantly based on various aspects and possible situations
  • Cargo limits can start at $10,000 and can go up to $250,000 or more if needed, but the most common limit is $100,000. (higher requests can be made if needed. You will have to let your insurance expert know, so procedures and requests can be made on a timely manner)
  • The insurance policy can be bought with a maximum load limit per semi.

Important: Note that buying a commercial cargo insurance plan is a crucial decision, which should be discussed with an expert. Should you under-protect the cargo, you could undergo serious business losses, in case of any damage, and cripple your affiliation with the customer.

As the freight transporter, you should estimate the value of the cargo and settle with your customer on that value before loading it into your semi. Typically, loads’ values are already settled by contract, by published tariffs or by a bill of lading. The offered price for your cargo insurance will depend on the load’s evaluated worth.

Note: The accuracy of your commercial cargo declaration is crucial, as any falsities can cause an insurance coverage refusal. Contacting an experienced insurance expert is essential in order to ensure the accuracy of your load declarations.

Lastly, many commercial cargo insurance plans offer arrangements for covering loads which need to be stored in semi terminals or warehouses for a short time. It would be wise to choose this type of coverage if you can’t deliver your load directly or when combined with another cargo. Note that you may only select this extra coverage if you are not charging the shipper storage expenses.

Foresight insurance can offer you the best cargo insurance at competitive prices. Our experts and professionals will guide you through your options and help you pick the best insurance policy. Give us a call today or fill out a form online.

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