Occupational Accident and Workers Compensation

(Occupational Accident Trucking Insurance)

What Is The Commercial Occupational Accident Insurance For Truck Drivers?

Does it protect the driver and how? Yes, it does – in case the driver is physically injured while involved in any work-related activities – from driving to loading and unloading, or while checking the cargo in foul weather conditions. This insurance will cover any medical and treatment costs, and it goes further – it will also include disability reimbursement and benefits in case of an incidental death.

Am I Covered By The Worker’s Compensation Insurance If I Am An Autonomous Contractor Leased Onto A Commercial Motor Carrier?

No, this insurance covers employees only. Yet, the Occupation Accident Insurance (also known as OCC/ACC) has comparable coverage and you could usually acquire it through your motor carrier. In case you can’t – take into account its significance and purchase it separately.

Why Do I Need An Occupational Accident Insurance?

Accidents happen and since you are not covered by the worker’s compensation insurance, this one is your best shot at securing yourself while on the job as an independent owner-operator.

Here is why you might need it:

  • OCC/ACC helps with disability benefits or reimbursements after an injury, to keep you above water in case an accident occurs and you are temporarily not able to work.
  • OCC/ACC could cover medical and treatment expenses.
  • There is the possibility that the motor carrier expects independent contractors to have an Occupational Accident Trucking Insurance.
  • To ensure you are safe and sound, and well-taken care of, should a job-related incident take place.

Which Benefits Are Offered By OCC/ACC And How Can I Acquire It?

As it is the case with most insurances – this one is highly customizable as well. You could receive different offers depending on your specific needs and coverage limits. Furthermore, any of these policies can be combined with others to reduce insurance-related expenses. Passenger accident and non-occupational policy are an example of what could be added.

Foresight Insurance has experienced trucking insurance agents who will help guide you through the best coverage policies and bundles to reduce cost and ensure you are well-protected on the road.

What Is Contingent Workers Compensation Insurance?

Contingent Workers Compensation Insurance helps protect commercial motor carriers against independent owner-operators who claim to be full-time legal employees for the trucking company.

Imagine that an independent contractor wants to sue your company and claim worker’s compensation. What do you do then? Contingent Workers Compensation Insurance will take care of these kinds of allegations. No way this could happen to you? They all have a contract as an independent semi-truck driver? Think twice – FedEx had a similar court case in 2014 and had to compensate 2,300 independent owner-operators, with full-time employee benefits. If the court could prove that they do not qualify as “independent,” it will rule in favor of the owner-operator and oblige the commercial motor carrier to pay worker’s compensation.

Where Can I Purchase Contingent Workers Compensation Insurance And How Much Will It Cost My Business?

It will surely cost your business less than a potential law suit and court loss. This is a very affordable insurance actually, which every commercial motor carrier should seriously consider buying.

Foresight Insurance can offer Contingent Workers Compensation Insurance at unbeatable prices.  If you concern yourself with the safety of your future now, you won’t have to worry about it tomorrow! Contact us today and talk to an experienced insurance expert!

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