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What Is Semi Truck Physical Damage Insurance?

Professional semi drivers have learned over the years about the semi-related dangers which could harm their business. These include anything from bad weather, to an accident, robbery or aimed property destruction.

Nothing beats the Physical Damage Semi Truck Insurance when it comes to imagining the unimaginable regarding your truck. With this trucking insurance, you are prepared for the worst and assured that both your truck and trailer are secure 24/7.

What Does The Physical Damage Truck Insurance Cover?

The basic policy includes:

  • Extensive coverage (robbery, windstorm, earthquake, flood, destruction of property, fire, explosions, and more)
  • Collision coverage (impairments induced by the contact or accident with another object)
  • Deductibles start from $1,000 and can go as high as $10,000, or maybe even $25,000 for mega carriers.

If you decide to buy the Physical Damage Semi Insurance, you could add numerous benefits to it, including:

  •  Towing, typically offered as a sub-limit
  • Storage, typically offered as a sub-limit
  • GAP coverage (helps you pay off your loan in case the truck is totaled and the estimated worth is lower than the pay-off total)
  • Personal belongings coverage (covers personal belongings kept in the truck)
  • Federal Excise Tax costs (if the truck is lost within a year of the purchase date, tax amount will be repaid)
  • Electronic Equipment coverage (offers reimbursement for permanently integrated electronics in the commercial vehicle)
  • Business Downtime/ Rental coverage

How Do I Purchase The Physical Damage Truck Insurance And What Is the Cost?

The price of this insurance is based on the worth of your semi, which and how many add-on options you select, and the total extent of your deductible. Again, the control of your costs will be in your hands.

Is It Lawfully Mandatory To Get The Physical Damage Truck Insurance?

No. But consider this – if you are funding your truck, you might be asked to purchase this insurance to protect the interests of lien holders. Furthermore, imagine your truck is paid off – it is still a valuable asset, which is not your asset – and if it is your bread and butter, there is no doubt you will need to secure it. Likewise, don’t over-or-under-estimate your vehicle, because the insurance will always cover the actual market financial worth at the time of loss, without the deductible.

Foresight Insurance has experienced Physical Damage Truck Insurance professionals, who will aid you in finding the best insurance at competitive prices. Call us today or contact us using our online form.

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